Saturday, October 31, 2009

First blog

This is my first blog and first entry. This is a picture of our house. It is small for seven people but it is cozy. In this house live a mom, dad, three boys and two girls. One of the boys actually lives in his dorm in college, but he used to live here and still comes home.
I don't have big plans for this blog yet. My youngest children want me to blog and I am curious about it too. I want to record some of the fun things we do or have done.
I am a stay at home mom. The children homeschool. They homeschooled since day one and the first two boys chose to go to high school. They did very well. The first one is graduated and off to college and the second is a senior and will be off to college next fall. The third boy is not choosing to go to highschool right now. His interests are different than the other two and he wants to stay home for now. The first girl is home and starting to read and do some math. The youngest loves stories and nursies. We mostly have let the kids lead the way. It has worked for the most part.
We practice attatchment parenting and are on the laid back side of things. Some think too layed back, but again for the most part it works for us.
My husband works full time to enable me to stay home with the kids. Money is very tight, but it always has been and we are used to it. We are very frugal, and we all do without a lot of things that are commonplace in a lot of families. We eat well, play some, and most always enjoy each others company.
My hobbies are my family, sewing, quilting, reading, cooking and gardening (when I have time).
One of my hopes is that this blog will get me back into some of my hobbies. My youngest child is 2 1/2 and life has been very busy. I am constantly saying 'I need to get back on track'. I would say this is my biggest hurdle right now. I have made lots of schedules and plans but they don't work out or I am not disiplined enough.
Wish me luck on the blog and I welcome any suggestions.