Thursday, August 26, 2010

Late summer

These three guys went to Baxter State Park a few weeks ago. A going away trip for our second son who has left for college. He wanted to climb Kathadin but they realized it would take most of their day and they wanted to make the most of the trip so they climbed Double Top. They had started Double Top one other year that we went, but didn't finish it because of bad weather. So this was a good feeling that they conquered a mountain.

Things have been busy here and certain things have gotten me into a funk again. So here I am again and I will try and catch up. I did take pictures and have a lot to write about. In about a week things will be significantly less busy and slower around here.
Here is a quick list of what has happened in the last month. Some I will blog about, others I will just sort of mention and try and forget. Some are good things, some are not.
The computer got a nasty virus and I couldn't use it for a while.
My chickens got massacred in the night. I lost 12 of my 18 birds.
I had a tough couple of weeks realizing my second son would be leaving soon. At the same time I was also missing my oldest son who I will not see until October.
I have been doing a lot of shopping to get my son ready for college, and to get my youngest boy off to high school.
We went way up north, (4 1/2 hours) for a 'sending off to college' party.
My youngest son has started pre-season cross country, which means a car ride into town every morning of the week. With two young girls who would rather stay home.
I made myself a skirt and I am almost done with a shirt also for me.
I finished three books.
I signed up for two quilting classes with a friend.
I successfully got the kids all signed up for whatever they are doing this year.
Made a pretty little schedule to put up on the refrigerator.
Said goodbye to my second son until October.

So now that I wrote it all down, I am realizing I did a lot this month. When it comes to finding time to blog, it will come after family & friends, sewing, and reading. I feel good about that.

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