Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

In a few hours it will be 2010. I probably will see it in. I am up that late most nights. I don't want to be, it just happens. There is so much to do, and I really want some time to myself or with my husband that I end up going to bed at 12:30 or later. Maybe I should make a New Years resolution to get to bed earlier. Yea, right. There are so many other things that I need to improve on that that is at the bottom of the list. Maybe it would be a result of another behavior change, like for instance being more organized and scheduled would make me get my nightly chores done quicker and then the kids to bed sooner and then I would have time to myself sooner. Could work. But like Scarlet O'Hara always said, "I'll think about that later."
I do usually try and make a resolution at the new year. I always update my date book, and look at my schedule and try and find a way to make it all work better. I never quite do it though. Maybe I am not that different than most moms. Sometimes I spend a lot of time figuring out just how to improve my day, make things go more smoothly and it lasts for about a week or two. Something always happens to get me off track. I am not blaming anyone or thing, it is my fault, but it is always an event of some kind. For example someone will get sick. Or, one of the cars will break down and it will mess up my schedule because I will have to drive my husband in until the car is fixed. Does this happen to everyone? I just have a really hard time getting back on track. So that should be my New Years Resolution. Stay on track, and if I get off track get back on quickly.
I wanted to stay on track on this blog. I did start it at a bad time, holidays and all. I am making a resolution to enter a new post every week. I won't go as far as to say how many times a week, because I know how I am. Everyone is busy, and we all make time for what we really want to do. So I am just going to say I will enter a new post weekly.
I do have some goals for the new year. I want to sew more. Quilt more. I want to plant some raspberries this spring. I hope to get some chicks with my hens and rooster. I will continue to spend many hours with my family laughing, talking, and probably a little fighting too.
Have a Happy New Year.

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