Thursday, January 7, 2010

17 Years of Breastfeeding!!

Here I am nursing my youngest child. She is three. My oldest child will be 20 soon. My children are long nursers. So far the oldest children nursed until they were five or a little over. Yes, if you do the math I tandem nursed almost all of them. My oldest and second nursed together, then the second and the third nursed together. Then there was a three year break when no child was nursing. Then my fourth child was born and she weaned a little after she turned five. Now the last baby is still nursing and showing no signs of stopping.
I have heard of nursing children that have weaned on their own at various ages. Most well before five. I also have heard of children nursing past the five year mark. I personally think it is the best thing for a child and for me it has made parenting easier.
I thought of all of this the other night. I was sitting on the couch and all the other kids were downstairs spending time together. I was just thinking of how the years have flew by and I happened to be nursing my youngest and thinking about how she probably will wean about the same time as the others. Then I started counting how many years I had actually been nursing a child. I was amazed.

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