Thursday, January 21, 2010

A nice week at home

It is so far been a wonderful week at home. We have cooked, built block houses, played princesses, read, and made snowflakes. We played out in the snow too. This is the way I would like it every week. But I know that is unrealistic.
We did some school work too. The first girl is doing Math U See Alpha. She likes it and it is enough for her. She is also reading to me now. We have been reading and learning about snow and snowflakes. I recommend a book called 'Snowflake Bentley'. My third son and I did Biology. Not really that fun. We are learning about proteins and lipids. I wish I was a more exciting teacher. Oh well. We are reading a book called 'Flowers for Algernon'. So far that is good. He also worked on Adverbs and Adjectives and did his math independently. He uses Teaching Textbooks. It seems good for him.
Second son did midterms at his highschool. Plus track, Science Olympiad, and honor society meeting. I don't know how he does it. I would be so tired and worn out.
First son had his first week back to college. He says he likes his classes so far. Seemed pretty excited about one called 'Racism in America'.
The baby, well three year, old played and got into lots of things. The pastels all over her body and my over sized chair was the favorite.
I worked on my rag quilt and cross stitch pattern. I made bread and brownies. I even had time to clean out the chicken coop.
My husband worked and snowplowed most of the week. He is napping as I write this. It is ok. He deserves it.
It was a very nice week though and I am hoping next week will be too.

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