Monday, July 19, 2010

Bread Day

We have been having the three H's here in Maine. We are not used to it and it always causes a lot of conversation anywhere you go. Most people do not have central air and not many have any kind of air conditioner. So we run a lot of fans and try and not cook too much.
Today we had a bit of a respite from the heat and humidity. I woke up this morning and felt a breeze. By mid day we had mostly clouds and it was much cooler. I decide to make bread.

First I made dough for Challah bread in the bread maker. I braided it and let it rise. It looked so yummy when it came out of the oven. We are going to have french toast tomorrow morning!

I also made three loaves of whole wheat bread for our daily use. It will last about two weeks. I will freeze some. We don't eat a lot of bread, but when we do we like it to be fresh, not store bought.

For supper I made pizza. This one is pepperoni. I found some natural, minimally processed, nitrate free pepperoni. I get a little nervous serving all the processed meats. So I don't do it much, but when I do I try and make it as healthy as possible. Everyone said this was a great pizza.

This one is mine. One of my son's likes it too but he only had two pieces. It is a garlic and mushroom white pizza. I put three kinds of mushrooms on it. It was very good.

This one was half green pepper and half cheese. It also was very good. I like to sneak some whole wheat in the dough. The rest of the family would prefer just white flour for the dough. This time I only put a little whole wheat.
The girls made their own pizza's but someone served it to them before I could get a picture. The girls as well as the boys, when they were younger, love to help me in the kitchen. They always want to make a miniature version of what ever I am making. We have had tiny biscuits, small pies, and mini pizza's.
Tomorrow is supposed to be hot again, so I am glad I got all this cooking in today.

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