Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camping trip to Peaks-Kenney

This is Borestone Mountain.
My husband and the two boys hiked it on Saturday. We camped at Peaks-Kenney State Park. It was fun. The girls and I stayed mostly in the water, as it was a 90 degree day here in Maine. We actually hate the heat, but being in the water made it bearable. Later we had a wonderful barbecue with marinated steak tips and veggies on the grill. We all ate too much. We were all so full we decided to wait until the second night to have smores. The girls both got a turn out in the canoe. We could have done without the horse flies. I heard someone call them moose flies. They were very annoying. Always swarming and if you were above water and wet they would bite. Ouch! I really do love camping. If forces us to do things together and not clean the house, or get on the computer, or cut wood. I also really like the coming home part. It is nice to be clean again and sleep in a bed.

Yum! These were so good.

A double rainbow after a short shower.

This End 150 really was the end of the road. The guys thought it was funny.

A few shots of on the top of Borestone.

Glad I wasn't up there when this shot was taken.

That is a beautiful view!!

A little relaxing, and smacking of flies at the campsite.

The girls were wiped out, in a good way.
I am not sure where we go next, but I hope it is the ocean.

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