Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Hanging Around

Not much is going on here lately. Just hanging around, enjoying the summer. We have been picking berries and beans. Lots of beans. Everyday there are more beans to pick.
My husband almost has all the wood brought up from the woods. Next comes the splitting and stacking.
We did make it to the ocean, twice so far, but of course I forgot the camera the first time and the second it ran out of batteries. Oh well. There is plenty of summer left.
The two boys here at home have been working and sleeping and thinking of their firsts coming up. One going off to college for the first time and the other going off to school, (high school) for the first time. In fact, cross country practice starts this week. Kids in high school really do not have much of a break. Even the one going off to college has been working on forms, and entrance exams.
My oldest is finishing his summer working in Alaska. He says it is going fast. He will be returning to college a junior this year! Wow, I can't believe it has already been two years.
The girls are great. They have been enjoying the outside. Sometimes as soon as they wake up they go outside. They play imaginary games all day long.
I have been gardening, a little bit of sewing, driving the boys to work, playing with the girls and also enjoying the relaxation and calm.

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