Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Simple Things

The girls and I went for a walk today. Nothing unusual. We walk quite a lot. I picked these flowers on the way back home. That isn't unusual either. When I have a day like today; slow, easy, no where to go; I tend to look at things that I am thankful for. Many days are like this, more than not. I have a few things that are consistently thought of as things I would never want to do without. Here they are:

Fresh flowers on the table, that I picked
Watching the many birds that come to the feeder
Hearing the kids say they love me
My husbands love
A cool fragrant breeze while I am sitting on the couch
Hearing the birds while I hang my laundry
Fresh clean laundry off the line
Watching or listening to the children play, with each other
A cup of Earl Grey on my porch swing at the end of a busy day

This list is not in any order. I am glad I have these simple things to calm me and make me happy.

I loved these flowers that I picked today. They are slightly pink and look like little bells. Very pretty. But I don't know what they are.

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